Full participation for all

We believe that the arts are for everyone but we also recognise that some people may experience difficulties in enjoying particular events.

We are committed to ensuring that all the events we stage  - including Kimpton Folk Festival – are as accessible as possible:

• Our signage incorporates ‘Communicate in Print’ symbols
• Concert venues at The Memorial Hall, The Church, The Green, and The School are all wheelchair accessible
• Disabled parking is available at The School
• Disabled toilets are available at The Festival Office, The Memorial Hall, Church House and at the entrance to the Recreation Ground

We are fully committed to achieving full accessibility for all, in partnership with the people we support, their support networks and our Trustees and volunteers. To this end, we recognise that accessibility is an area for continuous improvement.

If you need to let us know about your access needs in advance, or if you are disabled and need to arrange a free carer ticket, please send an email to Doug Jenner: