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Ben and Jimmy made a huge impact when they appeared at Kimpton before, and we’re delighted to be welcoming them back for the third time. First brought together by the great Joan Armatrading, and noted for their close harmonies and intricate, accomplished guitar work, this duo performs songs in a range of blues, folk and bluegrass styles.


“There’s a timelessness to the neatly crafted songs that display their musical interplay and superb harmony vocals.”
— R2 Magazine

They originally intended to just write together, but after realising that they had a natural affinity for each other's styles they soon decided to start playing live too, and their first gig as a duo was supporting Joan in November 2015 in front of a thousand people.  They have played many gigs since then, and recently they showcased at The Americana Music Association UK 2017 conference and awards in London.

“...seamless harmonies: they sounded instinctual and they were extremely impressive to watch. It was easy to get carried away by the melodies and those delicious harmonies...”
— Niamh Hughes, Shoreditch Folk


Their voices complement each other in a way that is redolent of some of the greatest musical partnerships, their playing styles intertwine beautifully and the songs they write combine traditional storytelling with a modern twist that will leave you humming them for days.


Jimmy's inspiration for his song-writing career came from his desire to move beyond his rural upbringing and follow in the footsteps of the musicians who shaped his interest in playing as a young child, including The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley and The Everly Brothers.


Ben has also been writing and playing from an early age, and despite his original desire to learn the banjo being thwarted, he threw himself into the guitar in an effort to emulate his musical heroes: BB King, John Martyn, Jerry Reed and the Grateful Dead.

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“You guys have a great sound.”
— Beth Nielsen Chapman